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Free tier: Current Plan

$0 /mo

or $0 yearly


1 node deployment
1 node Observability
Multi node deployment - Nil
API Services - 500 req/sec
Logs retention - 30GB
Metrics retention - Two weeks
Network observability - 5 dashboards
Uptime check - 5 hours(s)
Support - Chat and Email
SLA - Nil

All hands

$80.99 /mo

or $850 yearly


2 node deployment
4 node Observability
API Serevices - 3000 req/sec
Logs retention - 100GB
Metrics retention - 1 month
Network observability - 10 dashboards
Uptime check - 720 hour(s)
Support - Chat and Email
SLA - Nil

Enterprise plan



custom node deployment
custom node Observability
API Serevices - custom
Logs retention - custom
Metrics retention - custom
Network observability - custom
Uptime check - custom
Support - Priority custom support
SLA - custom

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API Service

Step up your efficiency with our APIs.  Sync nodes effortlessly, slash transaction times and Streamline your operations.

Mission Control

Mission control power fuels rapid development and deployment, slashing time-to-market for your revolutionary apps. Build, launch, and scale with lightning speed. Make your blockchain vision a reality, sooner than ever.


Enhance smooth operation of your blockchain infrastructure by tracking the health and performance of your nodes for prompt identification and resolution of any issues.